Tom Benjamin, MBA, PhD
Tom Benjamin – Psychologist

Tom is a psychologist with experience across the entire range of psychological services. His career started as a clinician with the Teaching Hospitals of the University of NSW and Sydney University, including Prince of Wales, Prince Henry and Rozelle Hospitals. He served across the full spectrum of physical, neurological, forensic and mental health wards.

This work prepared him for an academic and research career at the University of NSW and the NSW Department of Education. He maintained a private practice and was an expert witness for forensic personal injury cases.

Since moving to the Coffs Harbour area in 2014 Tom has been active in offering professional development to colleagues through non-profit local organisations such as the Arts Council, Mental Health Professionals Network, and the Innovation Centre and international organisations such as OpenLearning where his online courses have drawn thousands of enrolments from over 150 nations.

Tom brings to the GP Super Clinic a comprehensive approach to assessment and therapy, for example:

  • Mental health: assessment and Focussed Psychological Strategies
  • Personal injury: assessment; expert witness reports; WorkCover
  • Job-seekers: vocational assessment, guidance and skills training
  • Rehabilitation: cognitive and behavioural
  • Education: psychological and vocational
  • Disability: inclusive, least-restrictive alternative social, recreation, and vocational activities
  • Remote and rural: online assessments, reporting, and education
  • Preventive: Stress prevention and reduction
  • Corporate: demography, economics, training & Assessment
  • Research: multimedia applications; online education and services