Dr Prasad
Senior Injury
Management Consultant

I deal with Patients who are suffering from Chronic Pain due to Medical Legal Injuries caused by either Motor Vehicle Accidents, Accidents at work or anywhere else or Accidents due to the fault/negligence of someone else.

I will assist you by:

  • Liaising with you at your regular appointments.
  • Liaising with your Nominated Treating Doctor, keeping them informed of your progress.
  • Liaise with your Nominated Treating Doctor in referring you to other Services available at the Super Clinic or Services within Coffs Harbour.
  • Liaising with the insurance companies, on your behalf, to expedite the necessary treatment you may require.
  • If the insurance companies deny liability, then I will advise you how and where to get the necessary help in establishing your claim as quickly as possible.  This also helps to acquire the necessary treatment, which is vital to your recovery.
  • In order to get back to work I will endeavour to get you the very best treatment available.   Many times it involves explaining to the Insurance Company the necessity of the kind of treatment you require which could be covered by them.
  • I will also assist you to gain financial help from various organisation, including insurance companies, while you are unable to work due to the injury.

I am here for you

My main concern, and goal, is to regain your good health, first and foremost, and put you on the road to recovery, back in the workforce and living your life again.

Initially you must see your own Doctor at the Super Clinic for a referral to see my as the Senior Injury Management Consultant.

There is NO cost to you

Call his Secretary Linda on (02) 4626 3434 to introduce yourself and make an appointment to see Dr Prasad.  She will then talk you through the procedure you need to follow in order to see Dr Prasad at the Super Clinic on his next visit.

To send your details to Linda please send an email to:  prasadsurgery@pip.com.au

Please note: Dr Prasad has his rooms in Sydney CBD and Campbelltown where he works, together with his secretary, on your case on a daily/weekly basis.  His secretary will be available on (02) 4626 3434  at any time during the Head Office hours from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

However, he will only see you when he visits the Super Clinic, once per month. Appointments at the Super Clinic will be from 9.30am to 4.30pm and appointments will be made directly through his secretary on (02) 4626 3434 and not the Super Clinic receptionists.