Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic Billing Policy

For services provided on weekends and Public Holidays

(Effective 13th October 2018)

Fees & Charges

Consultation Fees GPSC Fee Medicare Rebate Gap
Saturday before 12.00 noon
Standard Consultation $65.00 $37.60 $27.40
Long Consultation $100.00 $72.80 $27.20
Extended Consultation $130.00 $107.15 $22.85
After Hours (from Sat 12 noon)
Standard Consultation $75.00 $49.00 $26.00
Long Consultation $110.00 $83.95 $26.05
Extended Consultation $140.00 $117.75 $22.25

Initial Standard Consult

An $80.00 Fee will apply to all New Patients 1st visit

Aged Pensioners, Seniors Card & Healthcare Card Holders Bulk Billed (Existing Patients only)

All card holders are required to present their current cards to reception to qualify (we cannot accept expired cards)

Children Under 16 Bulk Billed (Existing Patients only)

Veteran Card Holders Bulk Billed

The Consultation Fees listed above will apply to All Other Patients

 Monday to Friday – all Existing Patients will be Bulk Billed

Why do I have to pay a GAP?

To meet rising costs of running a modern doctor surgery, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) has calculated a fair and reasonable costing model. Medicare (i.e. Free Government Health Insurance for all Australians) does not pay YOU the full amount as recommended by the AMA, hence there is a “GAP” or a difference between what is being paid to you by Medicare and the TRUE cost of providing you with expert & quality medical services. Like most GP practices, Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic has adopted to subsidise the true cost by charging you far less than the recommended AMA fee.

Payment Methods
For your convenience, we accept Cash, EFTPOS, Mastercard or Visa.

Payment Options
Pay the FULL amount on the day and claim back your Medicare rebate. If payment is made by debit card the Medicare rebate will be credited to your account before you leave the Clinic.