Will Douglas
Will Douglas

Will Douglas – Artist

Will first started painting in his early teens and has been exhibiting since the 1980’s.

He has mounted over a dozen solo shows and his work can be seen in both Victoria and NSW as well as in selected locations overseas.

Will has lived on the mid-north coast for many years and love the environment.
He does try to share this passion in his work and feel that painting gives him the freedom to do this.

Just as nature never repeats itself he adaptsand changes his style to suit his circumstance and situation.

For Will Douglas art is a way of expressing what he feels about the world around him.  In painting, his influences have been wide and varied and range from the abstract to the fully formed.  This spectrum of perceived realities can be observed by anyone who allows their eyes to half-close and their imagination to wander.  What is clear and well-defined in one instant becomes hazzy and ambiguous in the next.  In his artworks he has attempted to explore this phenonenon by focusing on subject matter that interests him and reinterpreting it through the eyes of artistic licence. All of this and so much more, as they say.

Each of us have our own version of reality but in the end Will thinks that our experience is far more universal than we think. Will’s life and career as an art educator has taught him to know and appreciate this simple truth.

A selection of Will’s artwork is on show at the Super Clinic.

If you wish to purchase any of his artwork for yourself or as a gift to someone special, his details are next to each of his artworks.

Check out his website: willdouglas.weebly.com

Enquiries:  email Will:  willandkirstie@gmail.com

Kristie Frederiksen – Artistimage2

Snippets of my life and travels and the gathering of dream imagery create my visions.

I am endeavouring to explore my passion for texture and collage in low relief frames.

Gathering interesting objects and making beautiful arrangements is the delight of my life. In combination with my love of combining colours and experimenting with their effect on one another, I like to extend my work beyond the picture, drawing out the design to meet the eye of the viewer.

Using handmade papers, paint and original texture and fibre constructs, I create intricate webs of texture form and colour which coalesce into pictorial narratives.

A selection of Kristie’s artwork is on show at the Super Clinic.

If you wish to purchase any of her artwork for yourself or as a gift to someone special, her details are next to each of her artworks.

Enquiries:  email Kirstie:  willandkirstie@gmail.com

David Bromley – Artist

David Bromley
David Bromley

David Bromley was born in London and spent some of his childhood in Sierra Leone, West Africa.  His family emigrated to Gulgong when he was 13.  He worked as an illustrator for The Sydney Morning Herald and the now defunct National Times.  A year’s leave of absence from the SMH turned into a 19 year stint in London working for all the quality newspapers there and also illustrating  some high profile advertising campaigns.

He returned to Australia nine years ago and settled in Wenonah Headland, establishing a studio for printmaking and painting.

His prints have won awards and have been chosen for exhibition by The Royal Society of Painter Printmakers in London.

He works in Linocut but also practices the ancient craft of wood engraving.    The wood blocks are printed on an antique Albion press that started life in Fleet Street, London.

He illustrates for the UK based Financial Times and has drawn numerous book covers for various overseas publishers.  Among the awards he has won over the years are a Wakley, World Press Cartoon and, at the age of 13, a nationwide art competition in the UK.


If you are ever in Urunga Town Centre be sure to look for the wall where David has painted a mural which he was commission to do by the Council.  You will be amazed at how it looks, it is bringing a lot of interest and smiles from the local residents of Urunga.

The detail is amazing and he has included local people within the mural giving it that personal touch.

Let us know your thoughts, it will be good to hear from you.

Enquiries:  email David:  bromleyart@bigpond.com


Robyn Fredericks – Artist

Robyn Fredericks
Robyn Fredericks

Robyn Fredericks recently moved to the Coffs coast from the New England region.

Her paintings are mainly landscapes from these two regions: gorges, waterfalls and seascapes. She works primarily in acrylics but also uses watercolour, pastels and ink.

Robyn has held two solo exhibitions in Armidale and has also exhibited at Nexus Gallery in Bellingen and the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre.

Enquiries: email Robyn:  rfredericksart@gmail.com
Lesley Hughes – Artist   
Lesley Hughes
Lesley Hughes

Lesley has been lucky enough to have a family background within Bellingen.

She is a novice in the world of art.  Her exhibiting started back in 2010, in a wonderful gallery that sits in the heart of Hornsby, NSW.

Wallarobba, arts and cultural centre was the beginning of her love for life drawing, which all began with a wonderful mentor by the name of Stephen Hall.

From there she did two units of visual arts in Ballarat Uni, one of which was life drawing, together with several workshops.

Lesley also took private lessons in Botanical drawing at Sydney Uni and the Sydney Botanical gardens.

This was something Lesley really enjoyed and had so much fun.  The joy Lesley feels when someone wants her art ‘on their wall’ gives her so much pleasure.

Lesley is very thankful to the Super Clinic for giving her this opportunity of exhibiting her artwork to their patients and visitors.

Enquiries:  email Lesley:  lesley.hughes@spin.net.au