Dr Prasad
Dr Prasad – Medical Advisor

M.B., B.S.; M.S (orthopaedics)

In 2012 he took the position as Director to the Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic. He  was one of the Directors who successfully acquired $7,000,000 funding from the Commonwealth government to establish and  construct the Super Clinic.  The Super Clinic was finished in March 2014.

Dr Prasad was asked to become a Medical Advisor to the Board of Directors and Doctors within the Super Clinic, therefore, he resigned as Director in order to do so.

As well as the Medical Advisor within the Super Clinic Dr Prasad is now also the Principle Investigator within the Clinical Research Department working with Dr Daniela Radulescu, who is the Associate Investigator.

The projects they research will not only benefit the Super Clinic but also the patients who volunteer to work with them which, in turn, will benefit all patients who visit the Super Clinic.

Dr Prasad outlines below his wealth of experience and knowledge within the medical profession.

Dr Prasad attended Patna Medical College, Patna, India and gained a Masters in Orthopaedic Surgery.

Dr Prasad has not only been an Orthopaedic Surgeon, but also a GP.  He has been running his own Specialist business for over 30 years dealing with Medico-legal work.  In his  earlier years he was involved with quite a lot of Research Projects and corporate business.

Dr Prasad emigrated to Australia in 1973 and started in Manly Hospital.   Later on, whilst working at his own General Practice, he was also attached to the following hospitals as AVMO in General Surgery and General Practice, where he admitted and operated on his Patients.

  • Campbelltown Public Hospital
  • Campbelltown Private Hospital
  • Shellharbour Private Hospital, Wollongong
  • Bigge Street Private Hospital, Liverpool
  • Idaho Private Hospital Liverpool
  • Private Hospital, Cabramatta
  • Oak Private Hospital, Bankstown

Dr Prasad was a Member of the accreditation committee of Campbelltown Private Hospital. The role of this committee was to check the credentials and expertise of the doctor applying for AVM or VMO positions in the hospital

He was also the initiator and organiser of the very first GP After Hours Service situated in hospitals.  His first GP After Hours Service started in Campbelltown Hospital.

During his time he sat on a variety of committees, for example:

  • Immunisation
  • Computer
  • Fall prevention in Geriatric
  • Communication between Campbelltown Public Hospital and General Practitioners
  • Injury prevention committee for the Southwest Area Health Service of NSW

During his 11 years involvement with GP After hours Service he served as a Director and Treasurer and then stood as Chairman for 6 of those years before resigning to travel overseas.

Due to his Orthopaedic Training, together with his extensive knowledge of MVA, Third party and Workcover rules and regulations, wide experience in industrial trauma and work related accidents’ he was selected as an Injury Management Consultant for WorkCover at the time of its formation in NSW.

Dr Prasad now has his own Medico-Legal business and is a Private Senior Injury Management Consultant. He assists Super Clinic patients, as well as his own, in their plight to gain the relevant assistance in order to get back to work once they are fit to do so.

Dr Prasad’s Professional Experience and Education

2000 – to date Senior Injury  Management Consultant
2013 – to date Bawrunga Medical Service, Dubbo   Consulting Medical Practitioner
2012 – 2014 Glenmore Park Mediclinic, General   Practitioner
2012 – 2013 Bawrunga Medical Service, Blacktown   Founding General Practitioner
2010 – 2011 Mt Druitt Medical Centre, General   Practitioner/Injury and Pain Management Consultant
2011 – to date Injury and Pain Management   Consultant – Bawrunga Medical Service, Nambucca Heads
2011–April   2014 Medical Advisor to Coffs Harbour   Superclinic
2000 – 2006 Chairman of Macarthur After Hours Service
1995 – 2005 Director And Treasurer for the   Macarthur Division of General Practioner
1980 – 2005 Whilst working   at my practice, I was also attached to the following hospitals as AVMO in   general Surgery and general Practice, where I admitted and operated on my   Patients
1.     Campbelltown Public Hospital
2.     Campbelltown Private Hospital
3.     Shellharbour Private Hospital, Wollongong
4.     Bigge Street Private Hospital, Liverpool
5.     Idaho Private Hospital, Liverpool
6.     Private Hospital, Cabramatta
7.     Oak Private Hospital, Bankstown.
Jul   1978  –    to date Opened my private practice in Campbelltown & Appin
Apr   1975 –  Apr 1976 Surgical Registrar – North Ryde Psychiatric Hospital   Ryde, NSW
Jan   1975 –  Mar 1975 Locum   Orthopaedic Surgeon – For Dr R.G. Smith, Manly NSW
Jul   1974  –    Dec 1974 Orthopaedic   and Casualty Registrar – Royal Hobart Hospital TAS
Jan   1974 –  Jun 1974 Orthopaedic   Registrar – Blacktown District Hospital NSW
Oct   1972 –  Dec 1973 Senior Surgical Resident – Manly District Hospital NSW
Jan   1972 –  Oct 1972 Migrated to Australia
Jan   1970 –  Dec 1971   Master   in Orthopaedic Surgery, as well as Registrar in Orthopaedic Surgery
Jul 1969  –  Dec 1969 Senior   Surgical Resident – PMC Hospital Patna, India
Jan 1969 –  Jun   1969 Junior   Surgical Resident – PMC Hospital Patna, India
Jul   1968  –    Dec 1968 Rotating   Internship – PMC Hospital Patna, India
1968 Graduated   with Honours from Patna Medical College, Patna India

About the medico-legal services provided by Dr Lakshman Prasad.