Emily Walker

Aunt Emily Walker is an Aboriginal Elder and has a lot of history and tales to tell about her background and her Aboriginal way of life.

When Leavina Reid decided to set up Bawrunga Medical Services in 1999 she was very excited and supported Leavina 110%. The idea to open as a medical service to address the need for affordable, accessible, and high quality health and medical services in the Nambucca Valley was something she herself was very passionate about.

Aunt Emily is now excited to continue working with Leavina in embarking on this new journey of developing and operating the new Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic.

Aunt Emily was the instigator in the unique logo chosen for the Super Clinic. The ‘Smilax Australis or Wait-a-While vine’. An Aboriginal dreamtime story speaks of an Elder who became caught in this prickly vine so he changed the plant by touching the leaves to turn them into sweet sarsaparilla for his tribe. This new plant had smaller leaves and no plants remained (Australis & Glyciphulla). Aunt Emily remembers as a child eating the young, sweet leaves of both plants and seeing the larger leaves being brewed into medicinal teas.

Aunt Emily cannot think of a more perfect symbol for the new Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic that a local native plant with medicinal properties and a rich Aboriginal history.

Aunt Emily works tirelessly as the Chariman of the Super Clinic and looks forward to watching it grow to its full potential.