Hello everyone,

Leavina Reid gave the following speech at our 2nd Anniversary Celebration held on Saturday 12th March 2016. We thought we would share it with you.

“Hello, I am Leavina Reid the CEO of the Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic’s and honoured to share this evening with you all.

There is nothing more special than coming together to celebrate reaching a milestone.

In 2010 Bawrunga Medical Service with Dr Larry Yee, tendered to the Commonwealth for funding for the construction of the Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic with the vision of building a place where the community would have access to Bulk Billing Services which then gives support to, medical care – to heal, to grow, to be a whole holistic approach to health Care.

As an initiative of the Department of Health, super clinics have evolved to reduce the strain on health care and hospital services by being the lead in prevention, early intervention, and high quality care.

The Super Clinic’s construction was originally funded by the Australian Government of Department of Health and Ageing, but the growth of the clinic has continued as a self-funded not for profit organisation.

We did not set out to be trail blazers but when you set your sights on doing something never done before, that is where you end up. Winning mainstream tender as an Aboriginal medical service was the first in a long line of achievements for our clinic. While we have had many ups and downs, I am pleased to say the ups outweigh the downs.

Every day, our Super Clinic works to promote better health management through the management of chronic disease, health promotion and illness prevention.

Everything we do is reinvested back into providing a growing range of services. We started with a few GPs, but now offer a vast array of services from general medical services from our staff of GPs to, chiropractic, nursing and mental health services. When a person comes to our clinic, for example treatment of chronic illness, more often than not, they can receive all the assistance they need in this one place.

Our services continue to grow and expand. Only yesterday, we have welcomed three new allied health services to the Super Clinic – a dietitian, exercise physiologist and a physiotherapist.

We are the only clinic in the area with a dedicated Research Department headed by Dr Daniela Radulescu under the guidance of Dr Lakshman Prasad.

Dr Prasad’s vision is for the Super Clinic to be the best in Australia.

We also have plans, to add a hydrotherapy pool, dentist, radiology and pharmacy.

We are more than just a medical clinic. Our model of integrated care is vital to developing trust and nurturing relationships.

Tonight as we enjoy each other’s company, I invite you to look around, take in the incredible artworks on our walls from local talented artists, ask questions … and continue to support us as we move forward, continuing our mission of bringing the community together.

Thank you all.”

The evening was a great cultural success with speeches from Leavina Reid, Dr Prasad and John one of our patients who wanted to give his perspective as a patient, which was great to hear. We had Aboriginal dancers, great food from Macauley’s Restaurant and the showcasing of the artwork from our five Aritists in Residence.

We will post the photographs from the event in due course.