Zlata YablochkinaClick on the main heading of this article to read the full story                                                                                                 Please welcome Zlata Yablochkina our new coordinator to the Art Gallery


Zlata is working on a voluntary basis for the first few months in order to take the Super Clinic Art Gallery to the next level.   She is very passionate about art and learning new skills.

The Art Gallery is for the community to share and will be working with local artists and art students to showcase their artwork and give the students experience on exhibitions, etc.  If any of the artists sell their artwork, 10% of it goes directly to the Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic as we are a Not for Profit organisation and all profits are fed back into the Clinic in order to benefit the patients.

Our patients are more than welcome to enjoy the art works when they visit the doctor.   The artwork is also availabe to buy if you are looking for that special gift or just something for your home.

If you would like to discuss anything regarding the artwork, please contact Zlata on her mobile 0450 051 114 or email her on superclinicartgalleryzy@gmail.com