Carol Knight


Carol Knight Artist
Carol Knight – Artist

Carol knight is a Visual Artist living in the town of Bellingen on the Mid North Coast of N.S.W.

Drawing and sketching underpins her artwork and she works in a variety of mediums. She has had 3 very successful solo exhibitions and has been involved in several group exhibitions.

Carol completed a Diploma of Visual Arts in 2012 and is currently studying in an Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts.

Carol draws her inspiration from nature and daily life, painting in both realism and abstract.

If you are visiting your doctor at the Super Clinic then please feel free to browse a selection of Carol’s artwork which is displayed around the Clinic.

If any of the artwork pleases you or you would like to buy for a gift to some special, then you have the opportunity of choosing from her collection at the Super Clinic.

Carol’s contact details are on the wall next to each of her artwork.

Or you can email her now on:


Olga Dik


Olga Dik Artist
Olga Dik – Artist

Since Olga was a child she loved to make things with her hands.

Olga lived a simple life and her parents could not supply her with art and craft materials so she had to use mostly recycled things to finish her projects.

Using her imagination, her hands and her native wit Olga built her skills in a wide range of mediums. For example: sceneries for my daughters’ birthday parties. The children and their parents that attended those birthday parties all said they were spectacular. Sounds like a great business.

Art was another one of her passions and she is eager to share her knowledge and skills with people in Art lessons. Learn how to draw and paint from beginning or bring your own projects to work on.

Olg learnt traditional painting in Russia for a few years. Then she learnt miniature painting.

After Olga was married she had a few opportunities to have solo-exhibitions in different states in Australia. Olga was very proud to share her last exhibition with her two young daughters at Logan Art Gallery in Brisbane in 2013.

If you are interested in giving your children a fantastic birthday party, I would be happy to talk to you so I can share my experiences and ideas to make it the perfect party. The birthday party would be one to remember and one that would be talked about from weeks/months after.

To see some of Olga’s artwork, make sure you take a walk around the Super Clinic, you don’t need an appointment. You will find her artwork situated outside of the Doctors rooms. Ideal, because her husband is Dr Dik, who is very proud of her artwork and her contribution to the Super Clinic. Olga is working with the other Artists in Residence to ensure all of our visitors to the Super Clinic have something fantastic and worthwhile to look at. We hope you are enjoying the artwork as much as we are working in such lovely surroundings. Your feedback is always welcome.

Contact Olga at any time or view her website.

Mobile: 0447 694 639
Website Studio:

Will Douglas


For Will Douglas art is a way of expressing what he feels about the world around him.  In painting, his influences have been wide and varied and range from the abstract to the fully formed.  This spectrum of perceived realities can be observed by anyone who allows their eyes to half-close and their imagination to wander.  What is clear and well-defined in one instant becomes hazzy and ambiguous in the next.  In his artworks he has attempted to explore this phenonenon by focusing on subject matter that interests him and reinterpreting it through the eyes of artistic licence. All of this and so much more, as they say.

Each of us have our own version of reality but in the end Will thinks that our experience is far more universal than we think. Will’s life and career as an art educator has taught him to know and appreciate this simple truth.

A selection of Will’s artwork is on show at the Super Clinic.

If you wish to purchase any of his artwork for yourself or as a gift to someone special, his details are next to each of his artworks.

Check out his website:

Kristie Frederiksen


A selection of Kristie’s artwork is on show at the Super Clinic.

If you wish to purchase any of her artwork for yourself or as a gift to someone special, her details are next to each of her artworks.