Zlata Yablochkina – Visual ArtistZlata Yablochkina

Zlata was born in July 1982 in Tashkent, capital city of Uzbekistan.

Zlata Yablochkina: graduated with honours from Tashkent State Art University and went on to study her Master’s degree. In 2006 Zlata migrated to Sydney, Australia where she completed the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the C.O.F.A University of New South Wales. She now lives and works in Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia.

Zlata participated in a number of exhibitions and Interior Design projects in Australia and abroad; Textile, Fashion, Ceramics, Photography, Illustration, Interior and Exterior Design are her passion.


2018, Certificate IV in training and assessment.

2011, University of New South Wales, College Of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts. Sydney, Australia.

2006, Master’s Degree of Technical Art; Tashkent State Institute of Arts named after M. Uygur. Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

2005, Bachelor’s Degree of Television Production; Tashkent State.

Will Douglass – Artist

For Will Douglas art is a way of expressing what he feels about the world around him.  In painting, his influences have been wide and varied and range from the abstract to the fully formed.  This spectrum of perceived realities can be observed by anyone who allows their eyes to half-close and their imagination to wander.  What is clear and well-defined in one instant becomes hazzy and ambiguous in the next.  In his artworks he has attempted to explore this phenonenon by focusing on subject matter that interests him and reinterpreting it through the eyes of artistic licence. All of this and so much more, as they say.

Each of us have our own version of reality but in the end Will thinks that our experience is far more universal than we think. Will’s life and career as an art educator has taught him to know and appreciate this simple truth.

A selection of Will’s artwork is on show at the Super Clinic.

If you wish to purchase any of his artwork for yourself or as a gift to someone special, his details are next to each of his artworks.

Check out his website: willdouglas.weebly.com

Kristie Frederickson – Artist

A selection of Kristie’s artwork is on show at the Super Clinic.

If you wish to purchase any of her artwork for yourself or as a gift to someone special, her details are next to each of her artworks.

David Bromley – ArtistDavid Bromley

David Bromley was born in London and spent some of his childhood in Sierra Leone, West Africa.  His family emigrated to Gulgong when he was 13.  He worked as an illustrator for The Sydney Morning Herald and the now defunct National Times.  A year’s leave of absence from the SMH turned into a 19 year stint in London working for all the quality newspapers there and also illustrating  some high profile advertising campaigns.

He returned to Australia nine years ago and settled in Wenonah Headland, establishing a studio for printmaking and painting.

His prints have won awards and have been chosen for exhibition by The Royal Society of Painter Printmakers in London.

He works in Linocut but also practices the ancient craft of wood engraving.    The wood blocks are printed on an antique Albion press that started life in Fleet Street, London.

He illustrates for the UK based Financial Times and has drawn numerous book covers for various overseas publishers.  Among the awards he has won over the years are a Wakley, World Press Cartoon and, at the age of 13, a nationwide art competition in the UK.