Coffs Harbour Health Services

Coffs Harbour Health Services

The Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic brings together a comprehensive ranges of health services including GPs, mental health, physiotherapy, podiatry and nutritional advice.
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Health Care for Everyone

Health Care for Everyone

The Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic is for everyone including aged care, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healthcare.
New Patient Registration

New Patient Registration

The Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic is accepting new patients.
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Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic is a Not for Profit Organisation

The Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic is an innovative health facility designed to provide a large variety of health and medical services in Coffs Harbour in a single facility. The GP clinic is designed as hot spot of medical expertise so that patients can come and get inclusive care, as such it will be a one-stop-shop for all your health and medical needs. The GP Super Clinic also bulk bills so as to make our services more accessible to everyone.


Our Medical Services Allied Health Services offer 5 free consultations in a year for certain chronic conditions. We will also have pathology opening immediately - pharmacy opening soon. We wil

Health Issues

A series of articles about a range of health issues including Aboriginal health, mental health, immunisation for children, effects of smoking and health risks of excess weight. ...

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The Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic is currently accepting new patients. To register as a new patient at the Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic please fill out the patient registration form. We will be in to...

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You can contact the Coffs GP Clinic via phone or email. Please note if there is a medical emergency to call 000. Please note NO support is given through this contact form. Thank you for contacting

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What people say about the Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic

Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic will be really good for the tourists. They don’t have to go through the process of seeing a doctor at the Coffs Harbour Base Hospital.
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Quite often I have to wait so long to see my doctor. They tell me I have to wait two weeks to get in.
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All the services are in one building. That is so helpful. So often I am driving my mother around to the doctor, then pathology and then the chemist. It takes such a lot of time out of my day and it tires her out.
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Coffs Harbour GP Superclinic is going to be the place to go.
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Coffs Harbour GP Super Clinic has so much parking. It is so hard to get a parking space sometimes at other clinics.
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  • 51 Stadium Drive Coffs Harbour NSW